Officially My First Blog...

Officially My First Blog...

Well, This is a little out of my norm but I will give it a shot! HAHA!! Since this is my first blog on here, I will tell you why I have started this club/group. 

A few years ago, I HAD to do something and get my butt back into shape. Because I drive a truck for a living, the new DOT laws are limiting drivers to a percentage above of their BMI just to keep their medical examiners cards. There's a lot more involved into that but weight is a big factor to these new laws/changes. So with that being said, I figured that cycling... Why not? I always enjoyed it as a kid so that began a new journey for me!

When I first started, I was on my old 1990 something mountain bike. Yeah, Old school! But quickly realized that rolling resistance with mountain bike tires is not the way to go while riding on paved paths. Yeah, It sucked! 

Shortly after that experience, I bought a hybrid. Yeah, It was perfect for what I was doing! I went on paved, crushed gravel and country gravel roads. Yup, Life was good!  Until I got the bite for something more... I think this is where the part my wife would be shaking her head... HAHAHA!!!

So a coworker introduced me to a friend that is totally into cycling in a Facebook group about Bike MS. Yeah Buck... That's you!!! HAHAHA!!! Just to make a long story short, I got sucked into one of the best groups that has brought me to this point of my life. I have met many friendly people and a lot of them I call close friends that I would do anything for. Yeah, I care about everyone of them! 

Now this is why I conjured up this club/group. Most of you know that Bike MS is more than just a ride. It's to help raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research. Did you know that $0.79 out of every dollar goes directly to research and $0.21 goes to administration and fundraising? That ratio is far better than most nonprofit organizations! Awesome!!!

So, How do I raise money with this club/group? A chunk of it comes out of my pocket but I also have had shirts made. Just for T-Shirt sales last year, I have donated over $700 towards Bike MS! Thank you to everyone who contributed to help out!!! 

This year will be a bit different, I will have T-Shirts and hoodies for sale sometime soon. There are a few designs that I have tinkered with but I haven't figured out which one, or ones that I want to have printed. So many choices, so little time! So look on my home page, I posted four different designs but I can have them made on all apparel. So, contact me or even on Facebook. A group is soon to follow!!! I'll see what I can do to accommodate to what you all like.

So that being said, I'm going to finish up here and get some rest since I'm hopefully in the last stretch of this nasty flu that I caught... UGH!!! There goes my weekend!!!

Have a great rest of the week!